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Gain insight and practical how-to's to help you understand, plan and deploy fog computing & networking, the enabler for IoT, 5G and embedded AI.

Fog World Congress is the first conference that brings industry and research together to explore the technologies, challenges, industry deployments and opportunities in fog computing and networking.

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  • Keynotes and breakout sessions from Fogonomics to NASA, from autonomous vehicles to smart factories, from blockchain to analytics
  • Hands-on learning across 4 tracks: Technology, Industry, Research and Interactive
  • Panels on Edge-Fog, Carrier viewpoints on 5G/Fog, IoT & more
  • Technical track led by experts who are defining the coming standards in fog
  • 22 sessions on the latest in fog research
  • Exhibit and demo area
  • Fog Tank, where the Venture Capitalists take on the Startups
  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders in fog
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Featured Presentations

Fog Computing & Networking: The Multi-Billion Dollar opportunity before us

Christian Renaud, Research Director, Internet of Things, 451 Research

How big is fog? Over the past five months, 451 Research conducted a large-scale research project on the size and impact of fog computing & networking. Christian Renaud, Research Director for IoT, will unveil these findings and discuss the implications for the industry.

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Driving through the Fog: Transforming Transportation through Autonomous vehicles

Seval Oz, CEO, Aurima

Learn about the road ahead in autonomous vehicles from Seval Oz, one of Silicon Valley’s leading innovators in transportation digital transformation.

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From vision to practice: Implementing Fog in Real World environments

Flavio Bonomi, CEO and co-Founder, Nebbiolo Technologies

Fog is the necessary architecture for low latency and location awareness; widespread geographical distribution; mobility; very large number of nodes, predominant role of wireless access, strong presence of streaming and real time applications, and heterogeneity. This session will focus on Connected Vehicle, Industrial, and Smart City use cases that are fog-enabled.

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Logos of OpenFog Consortium, EdgeX Foundry, and MEC ESTI

Fog & Edge: A panel discussion

Fog and edge are often used interchangeably, but they are synergistic – not synonyms. This panel features executives from the OpenFog Consortium, EdgeX Foundry, and MEC ETSI, who will talk how edge and fog should – and do – work together, along with key differences.

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Fog over Denver: Building fog-centricity in a Smart City from the ground up

Traci Hiltonberry, Director of Innovation, Denver South Economic Development Partnership

Denver South is building a national model for fog computing & networking in a smart city as it applies fog to transportation and mobility, public safety, resilience and resource conservation, smart buildings and public health.

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Photo of Abhi Arunachalam, Amir Nayyerhabibi, Michael Dolbec, and Jasmine Shih

Fog Tank: Venture Capitalists take on the Fog startups

Abhi Arunachalam, Vice President, Battery Ventures
Amir Nayyerhabibi, Partner, BGV
Michael Dolbec, Managing Director, Venture Capital and Corporate Business Development, GE Capital
Jasmine Shih, Managing Director, Golden Seed

Fog computing and networking is the driving architecture behind IoT, 5G and embedded AI applications – the triumvirate hotspots in technical innovation. On November 1, an elite group of Venture Capitalists will pit 5 startups against each other to pick the most promising game-changer in fog. One by one, the VCs will put the Startups through their paces to find the most disruptive, game-changing products and services in fog computing & networking. Join in to hear about the future innovators and vote for your favorite.

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50 Fog Design & Implementation Tips in 50 Minutes

Charles Byers, Principal Engineer, Cisco

As fog moves from architecture to implementation, there is a need for practical advice on how to design and deploy fog networks and elements.  This talk is a whirlwind tour of many practical areas in fog design.

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Fog at Sea: Marine Use Cases For Fog Technology

Geir Fagerhus & Krystyna Wojnarowicz, co-founders, MARSEC

Learn how the world’s longest ferry line is decreasing its fuel consumption by 15 percent while using fog to help avoid at-sea collisions.

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NFV and 5G in a Fog computing environment

Farid Singh, Outgoing Co-Chair, Edge Computing Working Group, Facebook Telecom Infra Project
Raghu Kondapalli, Data Center Group CTO Office, Intel Corporation

NFV, 5G and IoT are strong drivers for fog computing. Learn how various system architecture, solution, technology and component level views extend fog-based services to traditional network elements.

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Photo of Don Banks, Susanto Irwan, Bridget Martin, Frank Michaud, Riaz Zolfonoon, and John Zao

Security Issues, Approaches and Practices in the IoT-Fog Computing Era: A panel discussion

Don Banks, Senior Principal Engineer/System Architect,ARM
Susanto Irwan, Co-founder and VP of Engineering, Sensify Security
Bridget Martin, Software Engineering Manager, Intel Corporation
Frank Michaud, Technology Strategist, Corporate Strategic Innovation Group, Cisco
Riaz Zolfonoon, Technical Lead, Emerging Technology Group, RSA
Moderator: John Zao, Associate Professor, Taiwan Chiao-Tung University; IEEE Standard Working Group on Fog Computing Architecture Framework

IoT brings new challenges. How can fog strengthen the defense and mitigate future attack in today’s connected world? Six fog security experts weigh in on the best practice approaches.

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Topics Will Include

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An Introduction to Fog Computing

  • Fogonomics: The coming era of fog computing & networking
  • From vision to practice: Implementing fog in real world environments
  • IoT use cases where fog is essential
  • Edge and Fog: Synergistic, not synonyms
  • The carriers’ perspective on Fog & 5G
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Innovation in Fog Environments

  • Fog Tank: The Venture Capitalists square off with Fog startups
  • Government initiatives to drive fog innovation & deployments
  • Fog: Frontiers of Innovation
  • Digital Twins in the fog
  • One-day interactive workshop
  • Hackathon
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Fog in Industry

  • Industry use cases where fog is essential
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • From underground to outer space: fog deployments in subsurface imaging
  • Smart cities
  • Fog & Deep Machine Learning in Smart Factories
  • Fog in Connected Health Care and Life Sciences
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The Technology of Fog

  • Building a fog system: Challenges, Opportunities, and Standards
  • 50 Fog Design Tips in 50 Minutes
  • Security in Fog environments: Block Chain, Whitebox Crypto and more
  • Top technical challenges in fog computing - and how to solve them
  • How Analytics measure up in fog environments
  • Driving to standards in fog computing & networking