Fog and Edge: A Panel Discussion


Fog and edge both operate at the edge of the network to allow for content, services and applications to be computed.  Are they the same?  Although there is some overlap, a clear understanding of the relationship between fog and edge is necessary to design functional, efficient IoT and 5G architectures and to enable their productivity.  In this panel discussion, experts from the EdgeX Foundry, IEEE, MEC ETSI and the OpenFog Consortium weigh in on the similarities and differences in fog and edge approaches.



Richard Brennan


Steve Vandris

Steve Vandris

OpenFog Board of Directors & Director of IOT and 5G Solutions, Datacenter Network Solutions Group


Nurit Sprecher (ETSI)

Nurit Sprecher

Outgoing and Founding Chair


Jim White

Jim White

Distinguished Engineer, CTO Office, Dell | Technical Steering Committee, EdgeX Foundry

Alexander Gelman, Ph. D.

Chairman, Standardization Program Development Board

IEEE Communication Society