Fog Computing, Health Care and Life Sciences


Advanced data analytics have the potential to change - and save - human lives.  As big data continues to improve on its accuracy and speed, more and more data can be collected and analysed.  In this session, learn how data analytics is being used in healthcare and life sciences to diagnose and improve disease management outcomes.  This use case will review how larger and larger groups of patients can be clustered into cohorts, regardless of patient’s location, as data is analysed in place, abiding to regulatory requirements. Patients sharing similar symptoms and other clinical data matches are identified through fog computing analytics, which leverage the genome sequenced data collected and stored on edge sequencing centres worldwide.  Fog computing automates and orchestrates the data in order to implement distributed and collaborative advanced analytics at the global scale while keeping the data analysis as close as possible to the point of collection in order to protect patient privacy. Additional learning continues to happen as the intermediate results travel from the edge to the core, and are further fused and analysed as they meet each other at analytics meeting points.

Industry Track



Patricia Florissi

VP & Global CTO for Sales

Dell EMC