Fog Computing Manageability and Orchestration: How To Fuse Cloud, Network, and Fog


The capabilities of service management systems, as we know them today, will be quickly outpaced by IoT. The challenges of managing the lifecycle of IoT services across hybrid clouds, network, and fog along with the plethora of devices, protocols, apps, and data generated call for a paradigm shift in IoT management. Future IoT systems will require means to minimize the complexity of managing the lifecycle of physical and virtual objects, and facilitate data analysis across different strata and tenants in the continuum between cloud and edge. This talk will delve into these aspects and analyze how to overcome the challenges of managing IoT services at large scale, with special emphasis on uniform orchestration and automation across cloud, network, and fog. We will analyze how cloud, network, and fog nodes can become “citizens of the same class”, and discuss the strengths of this model, including the automation of end-to-end security and service assurance across cloud, network, and fog. We will explain how fog can be used not only for modeling IoT services at the granularity of a data topic, but also cloud, network, and fog nodes as well as elementary “things”.  This session will cover the concept of orchestrated assurance in production-ready IoT scenarios, and cover aspects such as ID management, Manufacturer Usage Description (MUD) and fog-based security for secure device onboarding.  The application of this model in practice shall also be discussed. 

Technology Track



Marcelo Yannuzzi

Principal Engineer – Chief Strategy Office

Cisco Systems