Fog Software and Software Infrastructure Panel


In this panel session, leaders and experts in the field of software platforms across the fog, IoT, edge will address thoughts, concerns, and issues in the field of building and deploying software and software infrastructure in support of large and complex fog deployments.  In particular, the panel will discuss:

• How does the software between the cloud and the edge – across the continuum of the fog - differ?  Does it differ?  What are some of the software and software infrastructure requirements to consider at each layer of the fog hierarchy?

• What is the gravest concern in building software in support of fog deployments today?  Security?  Standards? Interoperability?
• Is fog software the same as IoT software or edge software?

• Does one pick the fog software solutions based on the sensors or devices at the edge?  Does one pick the software based on what you connect to in the cloud or enterprise?  Does one pick the software solution based on the analytics or intelligence used in a fog deployment?  What provides the gravity for fog software decision making?

• What is relevant to selecting and deploying software elements in a fog deployment?  Does open source play a role in fog deployments?  Can one system do it all?  What advice would you give to an IT or OT manager about how to select fog software? 

• What standards would you most like to see advance in the field to support fog software and why?

• Are there lessons learned from other software disciplines that we can apply to fog software and software infrastructure?

Technology Track



John Koons


RTC Magazine


Aaron Allsbrook

Aaron Allsbrook

CTO and Product Visionary


Marc-Thomas Schmidt

Marc-Thomas Schmidt

Chief Architect

GE Digital


Andreas Vogel

Vice President

SAP Labs

Stan Schneider

Stan Schneider


Real-Time Innovations (RTI)