One-day Social Impact Workshop


What’s the impact of your technology to my society?

Join us to deep dive on how disruptive technologies such as IOT, fog, cloud, 5G, AR/VR and AI are impacting society through a hands-on workshop using cutting-edge qualitative and quantitative methods across a variety of use cases.

The emerging collision between IoT, fog, cloud, 5G, AR/VR and AI computing technologies and products promises to redefine how people will imagine and shape the future of Live, Work, Play, Shop, Learn, Teach, Heal, Bank, Farm, Make and Move.

These game-changers raise new challenges and opportunities to society such as what are impact to: Citizens? Environment? Health? Education? Government? Energy? Infrastructure?

Join us to deep dive on imagining and shaping the future by listening, learning, networking and contributing to team breakouts that will tackle strategic topics such as:  

•    What are plausible futures of smart spaces in cities, campus, stores, homes or cars?
•    How will the interplay of mega-technologies influence the evolution of these futures?
•    How will business models and ecosystems evolve to thrive under these conditions?
•    What are impact and implications of these technologies and dynamics to society?

Join us in an immersive discussion to imagine and shape the future.

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($395 day pass or $1195 full conference pass)

Agenda - Tuesday, 10/31/2017*

10:00 AM – 12:10 PM

Technology Design and Strategy Considerations

  • Intro speakers, agenda and framing:
    • Aykut Dengi, Luciano C. Oviedo (10 minutes) ~ kick off and overview;
    • Matthew James Bailey (10 minutes) ~ case for social impact in IOT/fog;
  • Challenges, opportunities and insights:
    • Amanda Noonan (20 min) ~ inclusive design for social impact;
    • Sotirios Paroutis (20 min) ~ strategy making for wicked problems;
    • Ben Mangan (20 min) ~ social sector education and leadership;
    • Colin Boyle (20 min) ~ social impact measurement and metrics;
    • Q&A (20 min)

12:10 – 2:00 PM

Lunch & Networking

2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Hand’s On Team Break Outs, Analytics and Insights Creation:
  • Break up into teams, review profiles, scenarios and use cases;
  • Overview of round 1 frameworks, tools and methods;
  • Perform round 1 analytics; reflect, discuss and document insights
  • Break
  • Overview of round 2 frameworks, tools and methods;
  • Perform round 2 analytics; reflect, discuss and document insights;
  • Teams present insights, recommendations and key learnings to panel:
    • Tao Zhang, Chief Scientist/CTO, Smart Connected Vehicles, Cisco;
    • Jeff Fedders, Chief IOT Strategist, Intel;
    • Matthew James Bailey, Co-Founder, Colorado Smart City Alliance;
    • Ahmad Fattahi, Group Leader, Technology Enablement, OSIsoft
  • Stay for the Fog Fest – Exhibit Hall Reception (6pm - 7:30pm)

One-day conference participants will receive workshop content.

Full conference attendees will receive workshop and Fog World Congress content.

Details of Participant Immersion into Practices & Processes

Over the course of the day, your team of process and domain experts from across industries/functions, will select a use case such as autonomous driving, smart homes, campus, cities, retail, banking or health. Then, you will “learn by doing” by applying a variety of analytical methods and techniques such as design thinking, scenarios, value chain, ecosystem, business modeling, theories of change and logframes to evaluate impact to domains such as privacy, accessibility, trustworthiness or data transparency. At the end of the day, your team will report out insights and recommendations to the rest of teams and a panel of judges from organizations such as Intel, Cisco, OSIsoft, IEEE, frog design, Berkeley Haas, Warwick and ASU who will select the team with the best insights. All participants will gain networking, access to templates of the methods and tools for immediate application to your organization as well as summaries of workshop teams. Target participants includes design thinking, user experience, new product development, strategy & planning, primary/secondary market research, business/market analysis, corporate social responsibility, research & development.

To learn more about current speakers and agenda, download details here or contact Luciano C. Oviedo.

Interactive Track