Using Blockchain In Fog To Secure Industrial Workloads and Decentralized Deployments


With the growing scale of IoT and Fog adoption, the need to create a new paradigm to secure IoT and fog is imminent. Centralized security system (system which typically runs from a single place) will not be able to scale the quantity, diversity, and dispersed locations. The availability of digital ledger / blockchain technology is a boon for IoT and fog. It enables IoT and fog to be secured without the need of central authority to be available and connected at all times. Two experts in blockchain will weigh in on this session to talk about how to design security using blockchain to help secure Industrial IoT and other deployments


Technology Track


Susanto Irwan

Susanto Irwan

Co-founder and VP of Engineering

Sensify Security


Ruchir Tewari

Security Architect

Nebbiolo Technologies