V2X: Advancements in Vehicle to Communications Technologies- A Panel Discussion


Autonomous driving vehicles require a whole new ecosystem with new requirements on the cloud and the network architecture to support ultra-demanding workloads and real-time services requirements. More than vehicles themselves, autonomous driving requires a safe, secure and interconnected ecosystem including the road infrastructure, the network infrastructure, and the cloud.  Vehicle-to-cloud solutions using a fog computing architecture support will enable autonomous driving process and provide different services such as high definition real-time maps to help vehicles safely navigate.  This panel will V2X (Vehicle to Everything Connectivity) across consumer and commercial vehicles and transportation systems.

Technology Track


Dr. Mehmet Ulema

Director, Standards Development, IEEE Communications Society | Professor, Manhattan College


Nurit Sprecher (ETSI)

Nurit Sprecher

Outgoing and Founding Chair


Dr. Tao Zhang

Tao Zhang

Co-Founder and Board Director, OpenFog Consortium | CIO and Board Governor, IEEE Communications Society
Stan Schneider

Stan Schneider


Real-Time Innovations (RTI)