Amir Nayyerhabibi

Amir Nayyerhabibi


Amir Nayyerhabibi is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 year of experience in building technology companies in Silicon Valley. He has been part of early stage pioneering work at companies like Intel, MIPS and SGI building some of the world’s most powerful microprocessors and supercomputers creating an entire industry. He has also been instrumental in creating new generations of high speed networking devices and systems at StratumONE and Cisco systems browning from his earlier microprocessor and supercomputer experiences.

Amir has been part of the team that took MIPS computer systems public and was instrumental in later successful acquisition of MIPS by Silicon Graphics. While at SGI he and his team have built some of world’s fastest supercomputers enabling SGI to take major market share from Cray computers that led to acquisition of Cray by SGI.

He has founded three successful ventured back companies, StartumOne communication and AuroraNetics (sold to Cisco) Cortina Systems (sold to INPHI Corp. and Real-tech)

Amir, not only has a stellar operating background but also he has been an active investor and acquirer of various technologies. While serving as presidents and CEO of Cortina Systems (Private Company) he managed to acquire three companies integrating it into Cortina systems. In addition, he architected an investment deal of over $130M in venture backed funding that led to buy-out of Optical division of Intel Corporation which transformed Cortina to one of industry leaders in Optical communication.

As a BGV partner he has been able to help BGV evaluate and invest in multiple technology companies. He recently co-led the investment in one of BGV’s most exciting deals, NGD Systems an enterprise data center sub-system company where he is the Chairman of the Board.